Love yourself, you're worth it!
Love yourself, you're worth it!
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I Wander Tapping Wand
I Wander Tapping Wand
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I Wander Tapping Wand

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When it comes to pinpointing sweet spots during sex, alone time, foreplay and beyond, nothing gets things done better than a really amazing wand vibe. We have not yet, however, met a wand that taps. Enter the I Wander Tapping Wand!

Aside from boasting supreme silkiness and a firm, stable shape, this sleek wand literally taps - or thumps. Just under a smooth pad to one side of the circular, you'll see (and feel) a powerful thumping mechanism gyrate back and forth with unbelievable, totally tireless power. We know this is cliché to say, but you're really going to have to feel it to believe it! Direct the I Wander Tapping Wand to your or your partner's clitoris, nipples and other inner or outer sweet spots to experience some very unique stimulation.

Power up all that tapping bliss with a dedicated power button, then use the function button to cycle through seven pulsing pleasure modes. 

In hypoallergenic, nonporous silicone, the I Wander Tapping Wand is reliably body safe and extra easy to clean. Wash it well before and after with plenty of warm soapy water, or use Down Home Cleanser by Essics. While any good quality water based lube will be fair game, please keep your Wand away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products. USB rechargeable, cord included. Waterproof.



  • Length: 6.75"
  • Girth: 6.25" at largest point
  • Width: 2" at largest point