Love yourself, you're worth it!
Love yourself, you're worth it!
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Essics Botanical - Aphrodite Stimulating Serum
Essics Botanical

Essics Botanical - Aphrodite Stimulating Serum

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Sometimes when you work in an industry you notice needs that nobody else is meeting and in order to fulfill that need sometimes you need to just figure it out and do it yourself.  Essics has done just that with a clean and healthy alternative to all those mass produced intimate stimulating gel/cream/balm products on the market. 

Essics Aphrodite Stimulating Serum is designed without gender in mind.

This shockingly powerful botanical formula for them creates a warm and extremely unique buzzing sensation that awakens the nerve endings, increases blood flow and makes you feel more sensation than ever before. The result, more intense and satisfying pleasure.

How do you use it?

Shake well, apply 2-4 drop of ESSICS Aphrodite Stimulating Serum to areas needing more sensation, wait 60 seconds before reapplying, touch will activate Aphrodite’s botanical properties and a little goes a long way!

Made with only the cleanest ingredients in small intentional batches by a genuinely good soul in Kingston, Ontario. Be sure to find and follow her on social media for inspirational self-care posts and the most beautiful product images! @EssicsBotanical 

Also available in sample packet sizes in store, I'm willing to bet you'll want an entire bottle after trying it!