Love yourself, you're worth it!
Love yourself, you're worth it!
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Dirty Word Search Book
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Dirty Word Search Book

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What makes this different than other books, you may ask? Well, to start, they definitely don't shy away from any subjects, so be prepared to gasp as you search for some of the most absurd words in the English language. 

Who should I give this to? 

  • Your swear-y husband or wife. - A funny gag gift never hurt anybody, and let's be real... that adult coloring book you gave them last year sucked.
  • That one coworker that acts normal, but we all know is deep down DIRTY.
    Tip: Bring it as a white elephant gift to keep them guessing "Who had the balls to bring this?!" 
  • Father-in-Law - Make 'em laugh or make them hate you... I suggest adding it as a sweet little stocking stuffer for a truly memorable Christmas morning.
  • Your Boss. - Macho Man or Boss Lady could use a little laugh and this funny word search book might just be the best gag gift EVER.
  • Meme lovers. 'Nuff said. 

Don't let this list limit you, you can give this to just about anyone with a sense of humor! It's perfect for white elephant gifts, gag gifts, "You annoy me, but I have to get you something so it might as well be this" gift, stocking stuffers, and MORE! 

The Dirty Word Search Book for Adults includes:

  • 100+ puzzles!
  • Pure entertainment.
  • Enhancement to your vocabulary.
  • Laughs. Lots and lots of laughs.